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Client Testimonials

I wanted to write this to try and show the appreciation for everything the centre has done for me and my family including everyone who has generously donated to make it all possible. I can't put into words how grateful I truly am. You are the special type of people that changes lives and lift people up. They say that money can’t buy you love, and that’s a fact. However, you have shown your love for others through the donations.

The pregnancy centre has always been there for me during the past 11 yrs whether it be for baby items or just to talk and get advice. I'm so grateful to not only have the help with items from the ladies for my babies but to also get the advice that has really helped my mental state, thank-you so much ladies.

It is stressful becoming a parent for the first time, especially when you're a single parent, but it has been even more stressful with the Covid pandemic. I was happy and felt fortunate to find out about the pregnancy care centre during the final months of my pregnancy. Everyone from the centre was very friendly and helpful and the weekly emails made me feel as though someone was looking out for me. Since I don’t have family nearby it was great to know that they were just a phone call away if I needed any help. As a new mom I didn’t always know what my baby would need so it was great to be able to have access to the centre and if they didn’t have what I needed the staff would certainly try their best to see if they could get it for me. This was also helpful because it has been incredibly challenging to go shopping with a baby during Covid lockdowns and I appreciate being able to save some money by accessing second hand items in fairly good condition. I was incredibly thankful that the centre remained open during the pandemic and did not shut down their services. I wish all moms everywhere could have access to centres like these with such caring and compassionate staff because they certainly have helped to make my life a little easier during a very stressful time.

When I first moved to Haliburton I found out I was newly pregnant with my first child. I soon learned about the pregnancy care centre and all that they offer. I made an appointment with them. The women in the centre were very warm and welcoming right from the start, they are always there for an ear to listen to. The pregnancy care centre has helped my new family and I in many ways. They have given us large items we needed for our nursery, smaller items like clothing and diapers. Whenever we are in need of something they almost always have it and we are forever grateful for the women in there. The pregnancy care centre means a lot to me and I will always give back what I can.

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